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T -214 - Run - Monday 28th July
by Denis Oakley in

Bought some new kit whilst I was in England. My old trainers had died a death and didn't really fit right. I got some Mizuno ????'s from a running shop in Birmingham in Shirley. Sorry guys I've forgotten the shops name (but I did find them on the internet in Malaysia)

I got to try them out that night (along with another new toy but more of that in a minute) when I went running with the guys from the BRAT club. A few recognised me including Tauny Southwood and Paul Robertshaw. As I was wearing new shoes I decided to run wiuth the C group which ran at a leisurely 10km/h pace. It was great running in a cool temperature after months in Malaysia and I could have probbably upped the pace a bit quitre comfortably.

I chucked the question to Paul, and Debbie Southwood (who's off to Kona via Ironman Switzerland), about hydration strategies in the heat. I got some really good tips. Debbie said that Tauny who sweats a lot has to do about 1lite an hour of electrolytes on a hot course.

One thing that we didn't have to worry about was hydration as it rained the heaviest that I have ever seen in the UK. So I ended up running in sodden brand new trainers. Great fun though and quite satisfying. I've spent a lot of time in the rain over the years from climbing in North Wales and whilst it is unpleasant aren't really too worried by it until I start getting cold.

So we 12k in 71 minutes (10.2km/h) with a heart rate of 147BPM.

As my Forerunner 305 had died I needed a replacement. One of the things that had been worrying me was that the Forerunner 305 doesn't have enough battery power for both the run and cycle legs of the Ironman (well not at my speed) and I was looking at interesting mods beyond my technical competence on the motionbased site.

So I bought an Edge705 for the cycling and a new Forerunner 305. I stayed with the 305 because I like the map feature and also the split screen. Also I couldn't see the point of paying an extra £100 for the 405. The money saved went onto the Edge. I tried the Edge 705 out and it worked great - even has a pretty map. :)


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