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T -197 - Run - Wednesday 13th August
by Denis Oakley in

Ran straight from swim session. did a recovery run with Shen's rear wheel down to Bike Boutique so that the rear "thingy" could be replaced so that it would fit in the Tacx trainer. Emma was there, slightly stressed and needing some last minute bike adjustments before Desaru, so I went out on a gentle jog over to Penchala.

I was watchless and had played around with my shoe lacing but the left one was still quite uncomfortable. Very hot and after swimming for an hour and a half I wasn't feeling my fastest. The climbs were especially hard - 3 of them, one into Penchala, one out of Penchala and one back into DP - and seemed steeper and longer than when i had done them previously with music. Pace was a little bit slower but quite happy.

Popped into BB and picked up the wheel and headed home. Final nice bit of upper body workout running along with a wheel. :)


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