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T -189 - Nothing - Friday 22nd Augut
by Denis Oakley in

It all went a bit wrong. I work up at 0600 and decided that there was no way that I could get out of bed. So I didn't. When I emerged at 0630 it was to play computer games for an hour and a half before going to work.

I did take my swim gear intending to swim at Lunchtime and run in the evening. Lunchtime got killed by a combination of doing stuff for the accountanat and a new starter on Monday - and setting up the IT killed the rest of the afternoon - so leaving at 2000 I had a beer with Shen and was in bed by 2200.

Watched the Ironman 2005 DVD though and that was great - really inspiring. Even Shen liked it to both our suprises :)


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