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T -189 0 Desaru Results
by Denis Oakley in

Well the sprint results are out and I came in 12th in my age group and 42nd out of 156 overall which was a pleasing performance. I was a bit suprised to be 12th! Wow. Best result ever and with a 4 minute time imporvement I'd be almost on the podium :)

Bit disappointed that splits weren't recorded. My cycle time was 31 minutes which leaves 23 for the run and the swim (I left my watch behind on the run). which makes both the run and the swim about the 10 minutes that I was estimating. Maybe a little less because I think I must have taken at least a minute on T2 and the run up from the beach and T1 took a lot more than 2 minutes (but less than 5)!

All in all really pleased with the race and after only two months of base training (6 fullweeks really) as well.


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