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T -187 - Swim - Sunday 24th August
by Denis Oakley in , , ,

Minor hangover after night out in Bangsar meant that I didn't head to th pool real early - but it's a Sunday :)

250m warm up. 1200m main set and a 25m cool down. I had a shoulder massage in Bangsar en route home which hurt - but I was stiffness free this morning which I was truly glad about. My biceps and triceps still hurt and refused to do much work for the first third of the swim. The remainder I got into a good rhythm and cncentrated on finishing. Lap 34 was good as it was at that point I got over the psychological doubts and realised I'd do it. :)

There was one other guy in the pool doing breaststroke - I went to Metropolitan Square for the swim - and I was swimming about 3 lengths to his one. The stroke made a difference but the really obvious thing was that his feet were almost touching the floor of the pool giving him the hydrodynamics of a brick and making him work too hard. I could feel my butt just about breaking sruface and my feet fluttered through every bnow and then.

I think I maintained my form fairly well - though it fell off towards the end. Mty right pull was travelling a bit far into the centre line of my body and my pace had picked up so that I was almost on the verge of oxyfen debt. Always a question - is it improved speed or just poor technique limiting me . . .


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