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T - 187 Run - Sunday 24th AUgust
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I was slightly dreading the run - the last session in my hard week and it was raining as we drove back from Mid Valley at about 2000. I was also tired and hungry but after grabbibng an energy bar and half a pint of water I set out.

One of the advantages of breakthrough workouts is that it helps you allocate your energy to the workouts that matter and relax into the ones that aren't key. This run wasn't a breakthrough workout - I'd done two breakthrough swims on successive days and so I left AT relaxed and ready to enjoy the run with no intention of working hard.

The route took me up the Citibank Hill (what route doesn't) and then down the hill towards the Curve. I turned right to run through the Desiara Mutiara loop and the came back to the main roiad near Cineleisure. The carried on down Sunway Damansara towards the E1 where I turned round and retraced my steps - slipping through the Curve on the way back.

It was a great run - I was relaxed and looked great and had a really good pace on me with very little hard work. The hills melted away beneath me like butter and I kep constantly willing my body to relax. I started slightly stitching a couple of times but those went.

I think that the relaxation was a key part of it and also not having run since Wednesday helped. Possivly the fact that it was dark and wet as well - so quite cool. But what a wonderful run and I had brilliant form. A Great end to my hard week.


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