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T -185 - Run - Wednesday 27th August
by Denis Oakley in , ,

Went out for a run after my sports massage this morning. It was only a 30 minute effort with a couple of strides and it was relxed and fun. I ran out to the Honda showroom at Wisma Mofaz.

I started off thinking about Chi running and ran at a speed that felt comfortable and let it increase as my body chose rather than I chose. The first 500m went a lot better than usual. I was trying to be much more awrae of my body and improve my form. Very difficult. Some of the things that I was focusng on were thinking about my cadence - trying to get a few more footfalls per minute, thinking about my posture - standing straighter and trying toget my body into alignment, leaning forward when running downhill - my speed went up with no appreciable effort though it felt like I was falling whilst taking baby steps.

All in all pretty good and I enjoyed the session.

4.6km in 28.26 minutes at 9.7km/h and an average heartrate of 133bpm. Average cadence was 81.


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