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T -184 - Swim- Wednesday 27th August
by Denis Oakley in ,

Wentfor a swim at lunchtime. The sort of swim I like - only 1200m! It was lovely on top of citibank and I had a good warm up. I did 300m warm up forllowed by 200m of drills and then 4x100m followed by 200m cool down. The CD was a bit trunkated as I'd been playing with my kicking trying to understand when, how and why I kicked and kicking tooo hard as I focused my conciousness on it.

I seem to kick in the last portion of the left pull and stop when I start pulling on the right, but start kicking right at the very end of the right pull and kick longer into the left pull. This is porbably compensating in some way for my right left inbalance.

The other thing I was thinking about was my head movement. When pulling left I have no problem resting my head on my right arm - partly because I only have to breathe out. On the other side I yank my heaqd out of the water and it seems really inelegant. Tried a few things with head positioning and breathing but didn';t manage to find something that was fluid and graceful enough to work on.

Finally I thought about what I am trying to do in my training - Form is good - more is bad. Getting my form better will mean more speed with less effort. More training leads to over training and worse results.


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