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T - 236 - Long Cycle
by Denis Oakley in

Well I'd spalshed out on Saturday and bought myself some new handlebars with some carbon fibre tribars with gear shifters at the end. Expensive but the bike might almost convince someone who didn't know me that I know what I'm doing. :)

Anway tried it out on Sunday with a quick cycle up over the Penchala Link and then headed towards Kuantan getting to the point where you turn right to Batu Caves. It's a fast cycle normally and though I accidentally cut about 10minutes off the ride by forgetting how long I as cycling out for. (37:30 not 32:30 which I did) I really enjoyed it.

I spent much of the time just under the point where my breathing became a bit laboured and averaged 28.9km/h for the hour and ten minutes that I was out - which was pretty respectable. I'm sure the new bars helped but my biceps need a lot of strengthwork to support me for more than short periods.

I also sussed my GPS problem. Leave it on the balcony for 5 minutes before going downstairs. :

When I got back I did a bunch of stretches and strength exercises before going and playing badminton with Senay. Net result was that I was very tired and dehydrated the rest of the day and most of monday. :( I learn. I hope.


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