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T - 230 - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

I had lunch and dawdled more before going down to the pool mid-afternoon. Bike Boutique qas shut as they'd gone for the Friendship Race up in Ipoh so I headed up to the pool. I wasn't too enthusiastic about swimming.

I totally struggled through my 300m warmup. No strength in my arms or legs and a length (25m) was an effort. Despite this I started on the main set and gave up after 100m.

I then tried breaststroke for another 100m before giving it up as a bad effort.

So overtraining strikes. It's not a major poblem as I have sufficient time and performance so far has been good. It's also good that I'm picking it up now rather than later on.

Decided to knock Sunday's ride on the head and get back to work on Tuesday as per plan. For the first 8 week cycle I'll have a doublerest day - Sun/Mon to make sure that I'm not over stretching myself.


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