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Long Break - Building BeyondTransition - The Triathlon Race Guide
by Denis Oakley in , , ,

A long time since I posted here. I moved to another platform, and discontinued this one. That didn't work because I was so busy and the site expired. Such is life.

I've been busy building my Triathlon website - BeyondTransition.com which focuses on providing the best information on triathlon races around the world. Unlike many other sites we provide loads of detailed information about each racer - including route maps, course details, accomodation and tactics. All pretty cool.

How has this affected my triathlon training?

I'm working harder and smarter now. My sessions are more intense and I do a lot more home based triathlon training. I get up earlier - around 0500 - and I go to bed at 2200 (or earlier if I'm tired).

I've been off with injury but I'm slowly starting to pick myself back up and am looking for a bunch of HIM races over the next year.


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