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Labuche to Gorek Shep
by Denis Oakley in

Labuche to Gorek Shep
My feet were cold during the night until I took my socks off. Still damp from the day. I slept well and was awake at 0530 and backed by 0545. Unfortunately breakfast was at 0730 so I kicked my feet for a couple of hours.
Breakfast was rice pudding with honey and then I was off - too stir crazy to wait for the rest of the group. Tedy followed me and soon over toook me. The walking was easy and my breathing was pretty comfortable.
I followed the same route as the day before and was soon climbing up to the Labuche pass. That was quite quick and easy and Tedy continued to pull ahead. Once over the pass the path goes through some massive morraine. Think of spoil pits outside welsh mines but of white stone and ice and the path went up and down and up and down.
Slow going but persistence paid off and we were soon over the morraine and down into Gorek Shep. 0930 and the days walking was over and another 300m of height gained which took us to about 5100m.
Or was it over? There's a little trekking peak abover Goerk Shep called Pallar Kattar or something [correct when I get home]. That's just over 5500m and so without puse we headed straight up.
It was hard work. To start with the gradient of the slope was about 70% and then it shallowed after 100m of climb to 30% before increasing again. The mountain eventually turns into a ridge up to the summit of Pumori (sic).
As I got close to the summit the path turned into a boulder field and Ihad top stop toe to heeling. This meant that my oxygen control went pear shaped and I started having to rest after every 3 to 4 steps. Quite hard.
Heading down though was fast and easy.
With so little to do I am going so totally mental. I am so utterly bored. We can only climb a certain height each day and here 300m is covered pretty quickly. More than that you start getting headaches and altitude sickness. So what to do.
Sit, eat, drink tea, sleep, play cardfs, get boreder.


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