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Internet and Email
by Denis Oakley in

This costs about $1 per minute so I am not cheking anything but I see loads of you have made comments. Thank you. I l;ove you all and will reply in due course when I have money and time :)


Anonymous said...

Hi handsome,

Its almost 3am and I have been awake for an hour already.

The cost of internet usage does sound over the top there

How are you getting on now? Give us a call when you get the chance as we are missing you a lot.
We sent you a little video which we took as we were leaving the office yesterday. It was funny as Maya found one her toy phones and she constantly was on the phone to you. All I could hear her say was 'hello daddy, hello daddy, hello daddy' so cute :-)

We had a busy day sorting out the newsletter and both Hazwan and Nasyriq did a real good job with the look and it is ready now for rolling out which I will do later on today.

I was in Ikea the other day and got a lovely garden furniture for our balcony which I think you will like as well. It is being delivered tomorrow

I am slowly getting the house sorted for Wright and Baert crew - still not sure where to put them but I will get there I am sure :-)It might be that we will have to take Maya out of her room for guests in that time. I have asked Maya and as expected she was more than happy to have her bed moved to mummy and daddy's room whilst Sarah is here with us so that we can move the single bed to Maya's room for Sarah. As you know both you and Sarah are arriving here the same day. So no time to pick your brains on the room arrangements.

Yesterday we had Erik's leaving do at Red Box Karaoke bar, it was such fun. I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. I think Nasyriq is wasted in the office, him and Erik can easily form a bot band. I will try and upload some of the pictures on facebook for you to see what a great send off it was for Erik :-) We will miss him terribly...

Maya and I are just getting ready this morning to go to the temple. I am going to take some jalebi or Besan Ladoo if I can get hold of some on my way to there for offerings to the temple.

I have updated you over couple of days here so keep that in mind when you get confused with my today's and tomorrows :-)

We love you and miss you like crazy!

Senay & Maya

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