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Energiser Night Marathon 2010 Race Analysis
by Denis Oakley in , , , ,

OK. I've just got the race results from my.raceonline.com . Thanks to Paul, Julian and others for pointing me in the right direction.

BIB 1289
1st 21km 2:12:01.96
2nd 21km 2:28:20.98
Chip Time 4:40:22.94
Gun Time 4:40:50.55
Position 50

There were 302 starters in the Marathon and 275 finishers. So I was in the top 20%!

The winner, Richard Habeya, won in 3 hours and 2 minutes and only 14 men went sub 4 hours!

14 finishers between 3 and 4 hours
76 finishers between 4 and 5 hours
110 finishers between 5 and 6 hours
60 finishers between 6 and 7 hours
5 finishers 7 hours +

There were 2 negative splits in the first 50!

So whilst I'd felt a bit disappointed by my time initially it seems that I really wasn't so bad as I thought. That pretty much mirrors my feeling on the ground. I was generally running with people who were wearing marathon or 30k race shirts; but I was running with walkers.

I estimate that I was 92nd at the end of 21k and I gained 42 places in the 2nd half - with no one in aggregate overtaking me (those who did had started the 2nd half ahead of me).

Happy with that!


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