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by Denis Oakley in

I've been thinking about diet quite a lot recently. Joe Friels Paleo Diet for athletes has been in the back of my mind and I have just finished Matt Fitzgeralds Nutrition for Runners.

The key things that I've learned are that improving my diet will improve lots of things about my life. In simple terms: cut out procvessed foods, eat naturally, eat a wide variety and eat regularly.

Do I'm making some changes

Caffeine: Reduce from 2 mugs of tea plus 8 cans of diet coke to 2 mugs of tea
Butter/margarine: replace with olive oil
Oil: Only use olive oil
Beer: become teetotal. A long standing ambition but a devilishly hard one to win. I have a taste for guzzling beer
Sweetener - replace sweetener with honey in tea
Breakfast - have salad with egg for breakfast every morning
Pork and chicken - cut out of my diet. Pork because it is fattening and does bad things to my bowels. Chicken because it so heavily farmed and full of chemicals.
Rice - cut out of my diet (pasta too - but bread I will keep)

More to come. Many of these are aspirational ideas and will take some time - but I'll keep nibbling away


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