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Uphill Training and Performance
by Denis Oakley in

Great run this morning.

I had 3 bottles of beer last night as I as so disgusted by my 54% mark in Human Resource Management and went to bed about 0030. I deliberately left my phone downstairs and decided to feel miserable in the morning. Shen gave me a kiss and a hug and then pushed me out of bed with a headache and a sore throat at 0629.

Got my wet tri shorts from yesterday's swim, my Ironman T-shirt and my fingers and was dressed and out the door sucking on a throat lozenge in about 90 seconds. Not very happy. Not pleased to be out. Not thinking of the fast uphill running. Not in love with the world at all. Just thinking about how miserable I felt, and how I as going to have to give up anyway because of my sore toenail [it actually isn't that bad - I just ant some sympathy and haven't had any so far. :( ]

So trotted down to the gate house and gave the first steep slope hell. Or at least that as the intention. I flew up it like a ball bearing from a catapult and kept on going. I had a wickedly good cadence, the lozenge was doing great things to my throat and I as rocket man. Looking good, feeling good, but no flame coming out of my ass!

Sloed don a bit before the top as the flat is only about 20m long before there's another hill, picked up some stones and got really aggressive with a dog before he got too lippy. Then down hill. The construction has moved up a pace and there is now a graded mud road here rather than muddy trenches. Took it easy and ondered what my footprints looked like in the mud. 

Uphill again and I was slower, but the path as up and down a bit. Then to the steeeeep hill. You drop down from the top of the Damansara Perdana hill to the NKVE here and it is just about possible in a SUV. So steep. Walked don to protect my toe (wimp) and the met more dogs rooting around the old construction workers camp. I could have fought my way through, but as I ould be coming back in a minute or less I turned tail and went back up the hill

That hill really hurts. It is very steep and sustained and unlike shallower hills you find different muscles getting fatigued very quickly. This week it as my hip and knees that got heavily fatigued. The big muscle groups were relatively ok. Then over the top and retraced my route home with a gentle jog don into Armanee Terrace. The best bit as still to come.

As I was coming down the road, I sa this dude climbing the hill into AT. Fit and in running kit and jogging. I am too competitive so I upped the pace a little bit and then accelerated straight up the hill after him. I had a massive amount of strength and just killed the distance between us. Took him at the lip, and he was out of breath and I wasn't. Heart rate barely moved. Awesome.

On Sunday one thing that as very weird was that I as actually cold and almost shivering for 10-15 minutes as we ran through the jungle. Maybe I'd dropped the pace and hit a low humidity zone and the sweat just burned off me. Don't know


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