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Monday Morning Swim
by Denis Oakley in

This was a bit of a surprise. Was awake and raring to go this morning just before six so got up and washed the dishes, had a banana and made a protein shake. Down to the pool for 7.

Wearing my new speedo mirror goggles for the first time with nose clip. The goggles didn't need to be adjusted once all session. :) The nose clip I could't adjust it was so tight. Stayed on as well.

So 25 x 50s. The first four laps were a bit of a chore without pull buoy and paddles, and I was a bit stiff in my upper body from the trail run yesterday. Not the legs, though one toenail is threatening independence. That was fine and I suddenly realised that I felt good and then that the whole point of swimming was to push your hands through the water down by your side.

So that knocked about 5s off my length time until I got to about the half way point. Then they started getting tired quite quickly but I managed to sustain 1:05 ish (max) until the last couple when I got the cramp. Struggled on and then did my cool down lap in 1:51! and then the last as breaststroke because I my arches were too painful. Had another banana on the way to wok and then a well deserved nasi lemak.

Session was about 40 minutes - just remembered that there might have been another couple of lengths because I lost count at 14 or so and went low to be on the safe side.


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