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Friday Morning Run
by Denis Oakley in

Shen was off early this morning to Singapore so I got up at 06:00 with her (to the cool tones of Lady Gaga on her phone alarm which I had sussed the night before - how can you be miserable waking up to that?) I had no predetermined plan save that I was going to run for 10 minutes. After warming up for a bit I decided to focus on cadence and started counting right foot fall for the first 15 seconds of each minute. I started at 6mph with a gradient of 3% - I know stupid mph, but I haven't managed to figure out how to change them yet (a Vision Fitness T9450HRT if you are a good samaritan or a geek). I was comfortably doing 80 strides a minute but struggled to get them up to 86 and then no further. So upped the speed to 7mph (11.2kph) and then after a short length of time managed to settle down to a stride rate of 98 which took me all the way through to the 19 minute mark. Comfortable breathing all the way through, but by the end I was feeling that I couldn't sustain it indefinitely. Upped the pace to 10mph for the last minute and hit a stride rate of about 110 before pulling the plug. Breathing was elevated but not too laboured. Total was 3.11 miles - 5km in 20 minutes - which doesn't sound right . . . . Anyway really enjoyable run first thing in the morning. Energising and now I'm really hungry and Irene is cooking pancakes for breakfast :)


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