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Race Day
by Denis Oakley in

Up at 0415 for a breakfast of 2 chocolate power bars and a high 5 energy bar. (600+ calories). I'd bought Senay an eternity ring in England intending to wear it through the Ironman (a consecration of sorts) and give it to here at the end of the day - the 5th anniversary of our formal engagement. The insultaing tape over it didn't last through the night and as it was large for my little finger . . . I got down on my knees in the shower and asked her to marry me again. It gave my morale a boost when she said yes. So with no fear of losing the ring  on the swim we went downstairs for breakfast. For me it was a big plate of watermelon (lots of potassium I think and good for anti cramping on the swim) and a bottle of go juice (another 150 calories). Then into the hotel bus to the Jetty. Got marked (and told off for having sun tan cream on) and headed in to fill up my bottles. The bike was all in one piece (and there) and after a few minutes there wasn't much more to do so I came out and chatted with Shen for a bit.

I went to the loo a couple of times to reduce excess weight and headed don to the swim start to watch the pro's start off. It wasn't that interesting and I got a bit bored waiting.Then down to the water. I held off until about 2 minutes to go and then comfortably trod water at the back of the pack. 


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