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Ironman Taper
by Denis Oakley in

Well it was all going well in the training and then life started to interfere. To start with the UK government refusing a visa for Olfer to go to the UK ith us was good news. It mean that the trip came more out of the taper rather than the peak meaning better fitness. That was the good news and I got a couple of extra weeks with some really good swims documented in previous posts.

The the wheels started coming off. First my old SPD's died. I'd got a new set of KEO clips but no shoes to put them on and not enough time to to find some. That killed a couple of bike sessions and then I got a fever which took out a few days. That weekend I was ready to train but I ended up spending most of the weekend in the office sorting out stuff in preparation for the trip and for most of the next week I was in at 8 and out at 7 and training wasn't on the cards.

Getting to England was a nightmare from a training perspective. I'd hoped to at least swim and run and maybe get some spin sessions. With no Olfer though and Senay commited to work from 0600 to 1200 each day I was childcare maestro. I managed one very cold run the first night I as there in the snow, sleet and wind and was flabergasted at how cold the wind was in my lungs. Ooooh!. I succumbed to the inevitable and accepted my fate hich was no training for the last 5 weeks before the IM.


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