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Ironman Run - 42.2km
by Denis Oakley in

I just remembered why I though the swim as so easy. I though it was 4.2km until a couple of days before. Stupid but a psychological boost.

For the first time ever I remembered to take my cycle gloves off in transition. I was a bit suprised when my bike was taken off me to be racked. I hadn't expected that. I don't remember much else about it though - I do!

Socks. Socks. Socks. This was a new mistake that I'd never heard of before. When I unrolled my socks at the start of the bike I thought Shit. 2 left socks! So when I got onto the bike what did I find? Yes. 2 right socks. So I kept the left sock on (wet) and put a dry right sock on. Any correlation with the number of blisters on my left foot as opposed to my right. Yes. Any causal link - I doubt it as the right was wet in minutes.

I started off the run at a nice high cadence and a pretty good rate. Got out of the shute and out of sight of spectators and slowed to a sensible pace. The book said take the 1st 20 - 30k easy easy.  Whilst running used to be my strongest discipline this year I have put far more time and effort into the bike and swim and it's now the weakest. So I settled down to slowly grinding out the miles.

I ran until 32k - stopping at aid stations. This was interrupted by 2 stops to take grit out of my shoes - thanks everyone at the I'm Cyclist Van - and one shit stop (where I discovered that sponges are brilliant substitute toilet paper).  I was happy and cheerful all the way through. Sofian and I had an 8 piece coversation over 4 laps as I said hello, he asked who I was, I said denis, how do you know me, I read your blog. Slightly bizarre - a bit like play by mail chess.

To start with the temperature was warm but bearable with ice and sponges. After dark it was pleasant but my legs hurt a little. I gournd away, ground away at the miles. The first was the longest - getting that first fluffy thing to go on my wrist. They came faster after that but each time seemed longer. There's a paradox there. Do it and you'll understand.

On Lap 4 (or 3)Juliana caught up with me as I was walking (trying to speed walk) and I managed to run with her for a km before failing to keep the pace. Then it was downhill to the turn and onto the bridge. I think I ran up the bridge as if I had something to prove and then down the other side I started running for home. I over took a guy who had been walk/running the whole time and left him behind and got into a decent run for the first time during the marathon. It hurt like hell but felt great as I was goin home to Shen and Maya who I knew would be waiting for me.

I ignored the Indian guys at the last timing mat as I had my 4 fluffy things and headed for home. It felt as if I took the right turn faster than I had on the bike and then on to the main road which was terrifying and disorienting. I was running at the end of the day and there were cars going back and fort, back and forth and there were no marshals to help me cross the road. I decided I didn't care and crossed the road and went into the shute. I grabbed Maya - and thought really nasty things at Senay as they were far too far up the shute (i.e. right by the road). Then I ran as fast as I could holding Maya, trying to keep her calm as she was on the knife edged of being wowed by the noisy, the speed, the motion and odd daddy, and being terrified by the whole thing.  My aerobic system struggled to cope and as I approached the finish line I realised that the banner was going to hurt when I hit it. I knew it was only canvas but it looked solid. 

I did it. A smidgen over 14 hours. All I cared about at that point was the fact that I had a small baby in my hands, my legs weren't working and I was really incapable of looking after her. Where was Shen! That was certainly my mental wail! She appeared and I was lifted from the floor into a wheel chair towards pain and recovery.


Simon said...

Good job Denis - well done - you are an IRONMAN

Abu Soffian said...

Well Done Denis....You're really super power

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