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T -103 - Run - Sunday
by Denis Oakley in

I din't want to get up but I did and I was down at Bukit Aman for the run at 0615. I'd offered to drop Olfer off in KL but she looked at me with incredulity. "It'll still be dark then Sir!" Oh well.

The run was me Sam,M Emma and Randy. KK was there but waited for Gane. I watched Emma and Sam's starting pace and decided that I'd run on my own.Yes I could run that fast but really I need to warm up for 15 to 20 minutes first otherwise I just suffer.

I warmed up and slowly set out to overtake everyone in fron of me. A couple of people did over take me but I slowly tracked everyone down and the pace slowly picked up. By the time I came into Petronas at 56 minutes I was cracking out at 4.48km/h pace. Cool. I did have a gavity assist though and my final victim put up a fight and wouldn't let me pass her gracefully. 

Waited for the guys to do the circuit of then petrol station and had a bottle of water, gel and a bottom of 100 plus. On the way back ran with Sam who had a painful knee and was quite pleased that I was able to keep up. Time on this leg was 52:19 3 seconds faster than a fortnight before (and well within the margin of error.)

Pleased with the run - but it was the end of a tough week and I was glad for the rest. Had a litre of Endurox afterwards.


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