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T -181 Bike - Saturday 30th August
by Denis Oakley in , ,

After recovering froma bit of a Friday night hangover I went out on the new bike at about 1200. Managed to fix the Garmi to the top of the bike stem keeping the cockpit a little bit clearer. The Ergomo didn't work as I hadn't switched it off, hadn't charged it - in fact everything was still at the shop.

Spent a while taking the pedals off my Trek and puting them onto the Cervelo (which I came up with a really good name for but can't remember). Turned into a two man job as Shen had to help me :) Romantic Saturday morning breakfast with bicycle grease.

With that it mind I headed out for Sungai Buloh, the Guthrie and Kota Damansara. Delivberately decided to ride relaxed as it was a recovery week and I was at the tail end of food poisoning. (was still hoping tobe a bit faster than previous circuits though).

Bike was very light and comfortable. The bumps were a lot less noticeable and it seemed to have a lot more acceleration. It has a more aggresive riding positioning and my biceps were rapidly protesting when I was down on the tri bars. This wasn't helped by the tri-bars not being fully tightened and having to stop and adjust them twice. Job for the bike shop there :)

The behind the seat water bottles will take some getting used to as I wasn't comfortable getting them out or removing them - but then again the firsrt time that I was on my racer I was uncomfortable getting the water bottle out of the front cage. When I started using Aero bars - I had to get off them to get the water - so I'll get used to this.

Very busy traffic coming back - especially down towards the curve - and any speed advanatge that the new bike gave me was lost in the defficiencies of town planning :)

Good ride though.


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