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T -203 - Swim- Friday 8th August
by Denis Oakley in

Went over to Citibank for a swim and discovered a tombola and a buffet around the pool. It seemed a bad time to do lengths and so I retreaded to my figure of eight pool back at AT. I used the cafe pool which was a mistake as there were loads of kids. :( I figured that the width was 15m and so I did 20 in pairs for the warm up almost being hit twice by kids dive bombing me.

The balance exercises were a lot easier this time as I had much more of a feel for the water. The hardest part was anticipating my head hitting the side which it seemed to do on almost every width. :( Head down so water washed across my goggles every so often, back so I was looking at the sky above and pushing my chest down to get my legs up. If felt good (apart for the kid with the water cannon who wash trying to sink the battleship that was trying to pretend it was a destroyer - me)

The side swimming was easier. I jumpted out to check Total Immersion and the head is kept still and the body totates. I corrected my error. The active balance sets were harder as the pool was a bit short for yoga breathes between each rotation and I lived in fear of banging my head again. They will get smoother with practice though. And Senay came and kissed me half way through :)

The Fartlek. What can I say. It was horrible. I moved well and powerful but it hurt. The original session called for 4X100m with 25 easy/25 hard/25 easy/25 hard. What I did was 15 easy/15 hard /5 easy / 15 hard / 15 easy / 15 hard giving it as much as I could whilst still concentrating on my form.

I was anaerobic after the first pair each time and it just got worse from there. I tried to keep to 20s rests between easch session but it stretched to more like thirty. :(

Kicks were good. Slight cramping threatening but never really materialised. I'd been doing preventative calf stretching at each rest and that help. Putting the fins on for the kick set made the lengths fast but put a lot more pressure on my ankles. It's hard work not cycling my legs and trying to keep them streaight and scissoring. That's why the fin's help - more resistance = more strength. Incongrously I remembered someone describing swimming as like wearing high heels with respect to ankle position. Not natural for most men :) Do girls who wear high heels have as much problem with this cramping as men?

warmup 20x15 in pairs
drill 3x15 back balance, 3x15 left sweet spot, 3x15 right sweet spot, 3x15 active balance - all with fins
main set 4x 90 fartlek alternate easy-hard
kick set 4x15 front, 4x15 left, 4x15 right - fins
Cool down - 2,4,6,2,2,2

Overall a really enjoyable session


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