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T -203 - Run - Friday 8th August
by Denis Oakley in

The runtoday was an RFR3 with RSS1 for 30 minutes and I went down to the Curve and back. As I left I decided to try and concentrate on form. I concentrated mainly on increasing my cadence aiming for a foot stike rate of 90 paces per minutes and secondly in improving my posture standing tall and leaning forward.

The posture went pretty quickly as I focused on cadence. To increase cadence I had to reduce my stride length quite a lot and it felt really funny. It also made the first 5 minutes unpleasant as I ended up running a lot faster during my warm up than I'm usually comfortable with. I got to the junction at the top of the Citibank hill in 07:20 which I though was really quick

I did the strides on the flat bit going down to Cineleisure and focus first on increasing cadence to maximum and then on increasing speed.

By about 1/2 way through (at the 3.2km mark) I was struggling a bit and dropped my cadence down to more comfortable levels. The first half was done at 87 the second at 85 (which is still 3 steps per minute faster than on Tuesday)

The results speak for themseves: I did 5.6km in 30.25 minutes with an average speed of 11km/h, heartrate 146BPM and cadence of 86spm. So just by playing with my cadence I seemed to get about a 10% increase in speed without a massive increase in heartrate. Cool :)


The bonly problem was that I pressed the wrong button on my Forerunner 305 when it asked about the foot pod and it sitched the satellite off. Some good stretching afterwards but my quads are feeling a bit tired now a couple of hours later.


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