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T -185 - Cycle - Tuesday 26th August
by Denis Oakley in , , ,

As it is a recovery week I didn't feel the urge to get out of bed until 0630 and got on my bike at 0700 (front light isn't working so didn't want to cycle in the dark).

Fogot my heart rate monitor and the cadence sensor was playing up again so didn't really worry. Started off slow up the citibank hill and had nice rotation which meant I went up it quite fast. Did a U-turn at the bottom and tried the same thing and got about half way up before my legs ran out of power. Good thing that my next training cycle is on hill climbing!

Ambled along towards Kota Damansara and did a couple of power intervals ( I thought I was only meant to do 2 not 4!) and turned left towards the Guthrie Highway. Going down the under contstruction part on my aero bars I suddenly realised that there was a 2 inch deep trench across the road. Whoops. The front wheel hit hard but there seemed to be no real damage and I didn't puncture. Did the turnaround and then got caught in the traffic heading into Damansara.

Relatively slow coming back due tot he traffic lights and as the GPS and the Cadence Sensor were arguing no meaningful data was gathered.


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