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T -204 - Cycle - Thursday 7th August
by Denis Oakley in

I've started using Garmin Connect to publish me training. They've bought www.motionbased.com who are absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately the motionbased site is going to be closed down and all the functionality (aparently) will go into the Garmin site. Unfortunately it's slow, clunky and not as good. Sorry Garmin - get it fixed.

I had intended to go over the Penchala Link north to Batu Caves this morning but I woke up late and as I was doing my stretches on the balcony waiting for my Edge 705 to lock on to the satellites it seemed about to rain and there was lightning in the distance. So i decided to keep off the expressways and head out to Kota Damansara instead.

The guys at Bike Boutique had nicely fixed the tape on my aerobars but I'm sure they did somethingto my gears yesterday. I mentioned that I was starting to spin out going downhill more frequently and asked about upgrading the chainset (thinking ahead a bit). Lo and behold I could barely push the big gears today. Not being suspicious or anything but it did feel like an unauthorised upgrade.

However I was deliberately trying to push bigger gears to improve my strength so that may be it. Speed was slow and heart rate was low due to the multiple traffic lights and enforced rests. Now I'm in the office though my quads are feeling it :)

So 21.8km in 48 minutes for an average of 26.9km/h and a heart rate of 132BPM. Still haven't fixed the cadence sensor


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